HHO Cell Cars – Imagine Feeling Calm When Everyone Else’s Panics When the Gas Prices Rise!

HHO Cell Cars – Imagine Feeling Calm When Everyone Else’s Panics When the Gas Prices Rise!

The world has been hearing about the HHO cell car for quite some time now and everyone wants to see it on the roads soon. But the fact is that these cars are already on the streets in many countries in the world like USA. Hydrogen cars have recently been launched by the leading car manufacturers BMW and General Motors. In fact thirteen such cars by General Motors can be spotted in Washington, which also includes six minivans.

Few car manufacturers like Toyota, Nissan, Daimler Chrysler and Honda have designed special hydrogen powered vehicles to be used in the Army. BMW has come up with its own series whereas Ford’s HHO car, “Focus” is still in the manufacturing stage.

You don’t need to worry about gas mileage once you own one of these cars. They help in cutting down on the fuel cost as hydrogen is cheap and affordable. However there is no need to panic if you can’t afford these cars, you can still get your car converted with the help of hydrogen fuel kits. The kit is reasonably priced and it is definitely a good investment considering its long term advantages.

General Motors is planning to launch few alternative hydrogen cars by 2010. These alternative cars are priced like other internal combustion cars but use hydrogen as fuel. There is severe shortage of hydrogen stations all over the world and for this Shell and General Motors have joined hands. Shell has been actively involved in setting up hydrogen fuel stations to meet the demand. The projection is that for every 200,000 cars, the world will need approximately 300 hydrogen stations.

You can notice a few hydrogen buses running in European cities like Amsterdam, Porto, Madrid, Stockholm, Stuttgart and London. They were launched in 2004 by Daimler Chrysler. Such hho cell-powered vehicles are expected to take over the automobile industry in the coming years!