How to Handle Your Cat Hating Husband

Why do people either love cats or hate them? This is a very important question to me because I love cats and my husband hates them.
When my feline master of twelve years died last fall, I couldn’t find it in my heart to let another master in right away. Now that I am emotionally able to serve again, my husband thinks getting forklift toyota another cat is a bad idea. He never was a good and faithful servant, my cat fired him years ago. So now, how do I convince dear hubby that an all supreme ruler is needed in our home?
Step number one is to remind him that a cat is not a responsibility, it is a privilege. Unlike other types of pets (wimpy, slobbering dogs, for example) cats do not need us. They are purrfectly happy and capable on their own. Its sort of like the sun, bright and shining, the sun doesn’t need us. The sun is doing us a favor by shining down on us. And as you feel the glowing warmth and light of the sun, you feel happy deep inside. Cats have the same magic when they allow you to serve them.
Next, I will buy four mice at the pet store without telling him, and turn them loose in the house. On second thought, I will turn three loose and the fourth one I will put in the gallon of lemonade in the fridge. That should gross him out sufficiently.
I will then remind him that during the reign of Lord Simon, we never suffered mice. Then I will casually wonder if a rat infestation will be next, thus planting the seeds of fear necessary to be a good cat slave.
I’m sure he will come around, and then we can both serve our next new master unitedly as a couple! Maybe, when my husband is good enough, the new master will allow himself to be touched and be pampered by my husband!
Just wait until my husband sees the global food processing industry analysis cat condo for the new master!