How To Lower Your Electricity Bills

With the cost of electricity continually rising people are looking to ways to save on their energy consumption. There is also the need to reduce the use of electricity as it presents a strain on the environments resources and the generation of power contributes to the harmful waste being released into our atmosphere. If you can conserve the use of electrical services you can help lower electricity bills and have a positive impact on the environment.
White goods use a lot of electricity, none more so than your fridge, particularly as it needs to be kept running all the time. You can make sure the fridge is running efficiently as possible by checking that the seals are in good condition, as even the smallest gap can effect it’s power usage. If you can, position your fridge out of direct sunlight, and make sure there is enough air flow around the back of your fridge. Keep the freezer defrosted so your fridge doesn’t have to work too hard and use to much power.
When using your stove use the right size hot plate for the pan, and if you need to boil water for cooking it is more efficient to do so in the kettle. Save power by boiling only the amount of water you need in your kettle, instead of filling it unnecessarily. When cooking and using the oven open the door only when necessary general purpose machine tools to stop the heat escaping, so make sure the oven light works and the glass is clean so you can check on your food. Switch off any appliances when not in use. When defrosting food, instead of using the microwave, sit the food on the bench. Try to cook with the microwave instead of the stove as it uses less power.
A front loading washing machine is more energy efficient than a top loader, so if you need to upgrade go for a front loading machine. Wash only full loads and wash in cold water. If you have a choice of settings pick the shorter wash cycle. welding clothing Dryers use a huge amount of electricity so it is better to dry your clothes outside on the line, or if it is a wet day, on a clothes horse inside. If you must use the dryer make sure it is free of lint and use the lowest setting.
Switch off lights when a room is not in use and turn off all appliances at the wall. During winter heat only the rooms that you are using and shut doors to avoid the loss of heat. At night put on an extra blanket and use a hot water bottle instead of switching on an electric blanket. Don’t run the heater at night either, as you can simply put on more layers. Curtains reduce the need for heating and cooling and can greatly effect your energy consumption. Seal up any gaps and before you switch the heater on think about whether you can put on another layer instead.