How Vibration Control Can Reduce Workplace Noise And Increase Equipment Lifetime

What piece of equipment can improve worker safety, extend the lifetime of industrial equipment, protect flooring and structural supports, and improve the accuracy of machine tools? Vibration control devices provide all of these benefits. Best of all, they are widely available and easy to integrate into any process.
Vibrations cause significant damage to both men and machines over a long period of time. Vibrating machinery increases the noise level on a jobsite, which in turn increases the likelihood of hearing loss. Industrial equipment and their support structures take a similar pounding over time. Plus, trying to maintain proper work holding or even walking away is very difficult if a machine is vibrating heavily.
Employing vibration control devices goes a long way towards correcting all of these problems. They are the perfect supplement to hearing conservation and quality assurance programs.
How Vibration Control Protects Workers And Industrial Equipment While Saving Money
Excessive movement of heavy machinery is a major source of a range of hazards and issues in industry. A stable, balanced piece of industrial equipment will operate with reduced noise, enjoy an extended lifetime, reduce stress on the floor and supports, and improve manufacturing accuracy.
Many work places have hearing conservation programs in place, owing to the fact that excessive noise levels can easily cause permanent hearing loss. Even a few power tools and machines running at the same time can create enough noise to damage the hearing of their operators. Vibration control devices significantly cut down on the excessive motion that causes harmful noise levels.
Controlling excess motion also greatly increases the service life of industrial equipment as well as their support structures. The extra movement, friction, and grinding will wear down even the most sturdy machinery and break down flooring and supports. An inexpensive set of leveling pads or compression mounts will prevent this damage from occurring and greatly prolong the service life of any process machinery.
In addition to lowering maintenance costs, vibration control also improves production quality and reduces rejects. A balanced, stable operation is ceco valves more accurate and requires less work holding. Any company looking for an instant boost in productivity and efficiency can utilize this technology.
Motion Control With Compression Mounts
There are a number of effective, simple, and inexpensive ways to cut down on excess machine motion. Compression mounts are constructed from neoprene plastic that is bonded to stainless steel. They provide a buffer between machinery and the floor and act as a damper. Due to their construction, they are able to carry heavy loads while still providing stability. Compression mounts are designed to handle vertical loads, so they are usually placed on the legs or feet of a device and then attached to the floor.
Flex compression mounts are constructed similarly, but also act to dampen lateral movement as well. They are ideal for engines, generators, and complex machines that create motion in multiple directions.
Utilizing Springs, Pneumatics, and Hydraulics
For an even stronger dampening force, mounts can be equipped with springs, pneumatics, or hydraulics. These systems act as an active resistance to machinery movement by providing an opposing force through a spring or a pressurized working fluid. These mounts are a heavy duty solution for heavy dampening forces and are capable of handling complex motions. They can also be used on tables and work benches to stabilize smaller machinery that is normally mounted on table tops.
Leveling Pads For Quick, Convenient cnc machine parts and function Vibration Control
By far the simplest way to control industrial equipment motion is with leveling pads. They are placed underneath stands and act as a buffer between machinery and the floor. A barrier of rubber, latex, or plastic between steel and concrete is simple yet highly effective. Leveling pads provide instant relief from noise and motion and will prevent machines from walking or creeping. Even an uneven floor can be ‘fixed’ with a set of leveling pads. In addition, the pads will also help prevent further floor deterioration. Swivel mount leveling devices allow for machines to be easily relocated or moved for maintenance.
Overall, this type of product is able to solve many problems through a single application. It is incredible how one small change can result in improved industrial safety and health, lower maintenance costs, and improve production accuracy. With vibration control devices, one simple alteration can have a huge impact on any company’s bottom line.