Hunters, Build Your Own Rig

My spouse and I started hunting about seven or eight years ago. It started as a way to spend time together, and quickly led to a hobby we really enjoy. We began taking archery classes together through a local sports retailer. That was a great way to prepare for the field work, and to learn the basics of safety. As we learned fundamentals and interacted with experienced hunters, it became obvious that this fun sport could be costly, too.
One of the ways we thought to save was with a do-it-yourself deer supply and demand examples truss using rigging supplies instead of a store-bought kit.
We started by purchasing some wire rope, eye bolts, turnbuckles, and pulleys, all purchased by doing a search online for rigging supplies. Then we did another search to see if anyone had posted instructions about how to build your own truss (surely we weren’t the first people to try to save a few bucks!). Armed with what we found and bought, we set out to install our own truss in our barn. All we needed then was a good day in the field!
The day quickly came in early December, and we were able to put our truss to the test. We had a really good 10-point buck, and with the help of another friend, hung him up in the barn to tenderize. As it turns out, the instructions and our rigging supplies worked out beautifully! No problems at all.
To any aspiring hunters out there, I recommend you look for ways you can scale back or cut down. Ease yourself into the accessories of milling machine pdf sport, or you may find your wallet overextended. Hunting is a fine way to feed your family and learn a new skill.