I Am Not Going to Pay Them 150 Bucks to Do an Oil Flush He Said

“I Am Not Going to Pay Them 150 Bucks to Do an Oil Flush” He Said

It costs lots of money to properly maintain your automobile as per the owner’s manual, and if you don’t there is a good chance you can void the warranty. This is why I always recommend keeping a little maintenance log book in the glove box and to document all you do, plus keep the receipts – whether you do it yourself or pay someone else.

Not long ago, I was discussing car maintenance with a buddy of mine, yes, he bought me a cup of Starbucks, so, what the heck, let him pick the subject, I mean, I went there to hang out and have good conversation, so it’s all good. As we were talking about the costs of maintaining his car he said; “Well, I can tell you this much, I’m not going to pay them guys no $150 smackeroonies to do an Oil Flush, after they gouge me some $39.00 for an oil change, and when my wife took her car in, it cost her $89 and change for god knows what deluxe up-sell package they sold her.”

“You know,” I told him; did you realize that you can do your own oil flush without paying an auto garage or oil change facility to do it? It’s true and you can save quite a bit of money too, some oil flushes cost upwards of $100 to $180 and in reality they are relatively simple to perform. If you have an older car, especially one which uses oil between changes it is a good idea to do this once a year or so.

Below are some tips on doing your own oil flush and saving a good chunk of change for yourself;

1. Run your car for about 10-minutes.

2. Drain the oil and remove the filter as if you were doing a regular oil change

3. Drain the oil filter, and pour some diesel fuel inside and shake it around and then dump it out into the oil pan, where you drained the engine oil.

4. Replace your old oil filter that you rinsed out with diesel fuel.

5. Put oil plug back in

6. Put fuel into the engine – just a little more than if you were putting in the new oil

7. Turn your car on and run it for 30 seconds to 1-minute.

8. Remove the oil filter and throw it out.

9. Drain the diesel fuel out of your car’s engine.

10. Put oil plug back in.

11. Install a new oil filter.

12. Put in the proper number of quarts of fresh oil as per the operations manual of your car.

As you can see, you can do this yourself and save up to $180. If you have a car that you’ve taken good care of and it has under 75,000 miles and doesn’t use oil between changes, then you most likely do not need an oil flush-out. But check the recommendations in your owner’s manual to be sure, various models and engine types vary. I hope this information helps you.