Industrial Apparel: Examining The Top 3 Brands And Their Offerings

Industrial apparel is more than just a fashion statement; wearing the right clothing on the job site is an essential component of effective personal protective equipment, or PPE. Effective PPE is designed to mitigate workplace hazards and the clothing that workers wear contributes to their own safety on the job. The right industrial apparel and products are essential for effective PPE that meets federal safety guidelines and standards as well.
Each brand of clothing manufacturer puts out its own line of work wear that is used as PPE. The top brands all have their specialties of hazards that they are best at protecting against.
Carhartt Clothing And Flame Resistant ceco compressor Industrial Equipment Supplies
Carhartt’s clothing has a reputation for rugged design and a durability that can handle the toughest jobs. They are well known for their jackets as well as for a full line of pants, shirts, overalls, coveralls, hooded sweatshirts, and more.
Carhartt flame resistant industrial equipment supplies are vital products for a number of industries and different work sites. Flame resistant industrial apparel is a vital component of personal protective equipment.
In the petroleum and chemical industries, flame resistant items are common parts of PPE due to risks from flammable materials and chemicals. Whenever flammable liquids and gases are present on a work site, there is the potential for a flash fire or vapor explosion. Flame resistant apparel is designed to provide workers with the opportunity to survive these accidents. When exposed to a sudden burst of intense heat, flame resistant Carhartt clothing is designed to be non-combustible, self-extinguishing, and will harden into a protective insulating barrier.
Flame resistant industrial equipment supplies are also vital for electrical work. The same properties that insulate against heat and flames also protect workers against electrical current. In particular, this type of work wear will offer protection against electrocution and arc fires. Arc fires are particularly hazardous since, when they occur, they release a sudden burst of heat up to 2000 degrees in an instant. Flame resistant industrial equipment supplies will absorb that energy and offer workers a very high chance of surviving an arc fire.
Dickies Industrial Apparel
Dickies’ line of offerings includes almost anything a worker would ever need on the job, such as painter’s pants, jeans, coveralls, shorts, and shirts. The brand is known for the long life of its products, strong stitching, and tough seams that are well suited for heavy-duty work.
Dickies also focuses on high visibility work wear and other products. Visibility is a major concern for a number of workers from road crews and construction workers to airport runway crews, emergency personnel, and parking lot attendants. Any job that is done outdoors, at night, or in any low light work environment requires the use of high visibility work wear and accessories.
While some people might think that a bright white T-shirt or jacket will provide adequate visibility at night, they are incorrect. In this case, a worker would only be visible from 250 feet away. A major problem can occur, forklift toyota as a vehicle traveling at a high speed requires about a quarter mile of stopping distance. Even at lower speeds, 250 feet is not enough stopping distance in order for a driver to spot a worker and come to a complete stop.
Dickies industrial apparel and high visibility products utilize retro-reflective materials that allow a worker to be seen from over 1200 feet away. Originally designed for road crews and construction workers on active highways, they are ideal for any work in low light or outdoor environments. Dickies’ offerings are all rated as ANSI compliant and they follow national safety guidelines for workers in low light environments.
Wolverine Footwear
Effective PPE continues all the way down to footwear. Wolverine steel toe boots are ideal for comprehensive foot and ankle protection on the job. Steel toe boots are an example of industrial apparel that protects against a number of workplace hazards. There is good reason for why more work sites require steel toe boots to be worn at all times.
Wolverine steel toe boots have a non-slip tread that protects against slips, trips, and falls. The high ankle support helps to prevent sprains and strains. The steel toe and rugged construction protect against crushing and impact hazards. A water-resistant coating or sealant also protects against water intrusion and chemical spills.
In the end, it can sometimes be easy to overlook how important industrial apparel is in effective PPE coverage. The right work wear is vital for a safe work site.