Inflate Your Tyres and Save Yourselves Money, Money, Money

Inflate Your Tyres and Save Yourselves Money, Money, Money

This is not the first time that we have all had to pull our belts to save money. Many older business men and women have made it through at least four past recessions.

In the past they have got through them with flying colours, the latest being no different from the rest. Many people have come up with money saving ideas, and different ways of saving money and that is great the more people do this the greater hope there is for us all.

One of the main ways of saving fuel is through your car.

The first step is to keep up with your wheel alignment. many articles have been written about wheel alignment, but it is now more important than ever. If your alignment is out then your car is literally fighting itself against the steering.

If your tyres appear to be unevenly worn then you should get your car checked out by a mechanic because the wheels made need to be correctly aligned. Uneven wear is the best sign that your wheels are not correctly aligned.

Improper alignment affects the handling of your car and increases fuel consumption. Yes this will increase your cars fuel consumption, so get you car correctly aligned.

Next thing to do is to keep clean oil in your engine. This helps keep your engine running more efficiently and therefore reduces the amount of fuel you burn off. It is worth noting that diesel engines require their oil changing more the petrol engines, just a point that needs noting, once again this saves fuel costs.

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Another tip is to keep your air conditioning switched off when it is not needed.

Air con can increase you fuel consumption by as much as 10%. If you are travelling at over 60 mph in summer it would be more fuel efficient to have your air con on than open your windows because of the drag effect.

Although it may appear obvious to some correct driving speeds also affect fuel costs. Going too fast and using the wrong gears has an adverse affect on your fuel consumption. The more careful you drive the less fuel you will use, so” foot off gas”

Also it is important to keep your windows closed. By having your windows open you also cause drag, this decreases fuel efficiency, and so increases costs.

Also don’t forget that extra load also has an adverse affect on your fuel efficiency. Keep you car at its lowest weight. After a necessary journey remove any objects from your car that can add extra weight, such as roof racks, stuff in the boot, you know the things I mean.

One of the most important and easiest things to do is to keep your tyre pressures checked at regular periods. If you find this difficult you can call in at one of the thousands of auto centres through out the country. Most good garages and auto centres will be only too willing to check your tyres and your tyre pressures.