Manifest Your Desire – How to Control and Direct Your Emotions to Manifest Your Desire

Manifest Your Desire – How to Control and Direct Your Emotions to Manifest Your Desire

Your emotions fuel your desire. But how exactly do you control and direct your emotions to manifest your desire?

It takes practice but there’s a simple way to do this and anybody can use it regardless of your educational background, status or connections or lack of connections.

Just like riding a bicycle, if at first you don’t succeed try, try again. You wouldn’t give up and say, “Oh, I’d never learn to ride this bicycle.” But you’d keep practicing until you’ve acquired the skill to ride with confidence.

Your ‘why’, which is your reason for your desire – money, relationship, weight loss, baby, career – fuels your desire. Knowing why you want the money, the relationship, to lose weight, to have a baby or your career all have an emotional attachment to them. Identifying the emotional connection within you is the first step to adding fuel to your desire. E.g. I want to have $10,000.00 because I long to take my family on our dream vacation.

Without your emotions, your desire has no life by itself. Your emotions connect with the desire and fuel it. For example, money is like a log, without the fuel, you have no fire.

Similarly, your emotional connection is the fuel that burns the log of your desire – hence the term burning desire. In order to manifest your desire you need to keep the fire of your desire burning.

Your burning desire gains strength by fuelling it with your emotions. Your emotions are infinite, like love, you can make more.

Step by step process


To bring your desire to life, look into your feeling place – the seat of your emotions – feel the feelings of already having it – money, health, ideal weight, relationship, happiness. What would it feel like if you already had what you wanted? Example, if you were at your ideal weight, what would you wear? How would you feel wearing that special dress or suit? What would it feel like having so much energy to do the things you want to do? Allow yourself to feel the longing of experiencing your dream. Once you begin to feel those feelings, you’re adding energy and life to your desire.


As you feel the feelings of having your desire, add visualization. See yourself at the ideal weight. If it’s money, see yourself going with your family on that dream vacation. Add vivid imagery and colours – at the sandy beach enjoying the warm breeze as it gently brushes over your face and the feeling of the grains of sand underneath your feet. Already getting the picture?


Your belief or faith is the acceptance that you can and will manifest your desire. So when you affirm your strong belief, you are settling within yourself and connecting with the universe, Divine Intelligence, that you know and expect your desire to manifest.

Express gratitude

Gratitude puts you in the positive vibration to receive. When someone gives you a gift, what do you say? – Thank you. Therefore, being thankful emits the emotional energy of finality, it’s a done deal, a confirmation to your subconscious mind and to the universe that you will have and you expect to manifest your desire.

When you combine these steps you open yourself to the flow of divine inspiration in the form of inspired ideas to the path or action steps you should take to activate what you want. Once you receive the instructions, act on them, step-by-step until the manifestation becomes your outward experience.