Polythene Sheeting Is Used for Everything From Garbage Bags to Roofing Supplies

Polythene is a plastic made from petroleum (as are all plastic products by the way, they are just made from different combinations of petroleum and other chemicals to make more or less durable products). In the case of Polythene Sheeting you can get industrial density that can be used as a barrier between layers of your home or get very thin sheeting that can be used as drop cloths, furniture covers and so on.
Polythene Sheeting is usually available in clear or opaque sheets, however, you can also purchase white or black sheeting for specific jobs if necessary. Many people actually choose black polythene because black is usually the color exotic wood types used for industrial jobs. You aren’t, however, getting a better or worse product simply because it has some color added to it. Some people use black simply because it makes them feel better, it is easy to see and looks substantial.
Interestingly, everyday products that you use around your house is made from Polythene Sheeting. One of the most common items are plastic bags such as bags from the grocery store or garbage bags. If you visit a discount store, then you will get an idea of how thin this sheeting can get as they typically use the lowest grade Polythene products in the production of those bags. Still, this speaks to the durability of polythene because even those bags can take a lot of pressure and abuse before they break or tear.
One of the reasons that Polythene Sheeting is so popular is because it is so flexible. It can be used for many different applications and the user doesn’t have to worry about this polycarbonate product in terms of being affected by the weather or being torn up when used with heavy objects.
In addition this product is very affordable and can be purchased in rolls or sheets to suit your needs. In addition, you can purchase sheets or rolls in different heavy equipment maintenance training densities called mL or mil (depending on who sells it). The higher the mil the thicker the product is and the more things you will be able to do with it.