Pool Safety Equipment – 5 Must Have Tools

Because you own a swimming pool or wish to own one, there are plenty of precautions you’re going to need to know and understand in order to keep pool side accidents from occurring around your home. Some of the pool safety equipment tools mentioned here are items required by law in most states, but even if they’re not you should consider having these safety tools around so your swimming pool is safer.
Safety Tool 1: Fences
Most states require that a swimming pool that is at least 24 inches deep should have a fence around it – whether it’s an above ground pool or an in-ground pool. However, even if the local government or state law doesn’t require a fence around your swimming pool you should consider getting one anyway-particularly when there are children around. A fence is the number one means for preventing drowning.
Safety Tool 2: Gate Alarms
While most laws don’t require a gate alarm it’s still wise to have if there are children around that aren’t allowed to swim without supervision, but are still able to open your gate’s latch. The purpose behind the gate alarm is to let you know if someone opened the gate that shouldn’t have. Because most accidents happen when someone is where they shouldn’t be, this will help prevent people from playing in your pool when they shouldn’t be.
Safety Tool 3: Pool Covers
There are a couple different pool covers that you can get for your swimming pool: solar covers or safety covers. Neither one of these is made to be played on. Solar covers are great for keeping debris out of your pool and warming the water. If you aren’t going to get a fence for your pool, though, you should most certainly consider getting a safety cover instead. While your best option is to have both, having at least one is going to be better than nothing.
Safety Tool 4: airgas bremerton Pool Alarm
Having a pool alarm is another great option to combine with other safety tools because while it’s useful on its own, it isn’t going to help prevent everything. What a pool alarm does is informs you if there is commotion within the water when there shouldn’t be. This helps if you can’t be around to supervise your pool constantly (which most people can’t), but is an extra measure to ensuring if an accident does happen someone will be around sooner than if you didn’t have warning.
Safety Tool 5: Shepherd’s Hook
This is a tool that is most often used as a last resort but is very useful to have in some emergencies. This hook will enable an adult to snag a child’s clothing and pull that child to the surface. demand and supply in commerce An adult swimmer is always the best option to rescue a child that is under water, but the hook can help in some cases. Children should never play with this hook as it could cause even more danger.
There are a lot of safety measures you could take to keep your swimming pool safe for your children and neighbors. Don’t think you’re safe because you have one or two tools. The more pool safety equipment you have the better. Swimming pools are extremely hazardous and you should always be wary about what happens in and around your swimming pool.