Popcorn Supplies – The Perfect Substitute For Diets

Popcorn is a great diet food to eat on a diet because it is high in fibre and has few calories. So when you’re peckish and fancy a treat that tastes great but not so devilish classification of manufacturing processes it is the perfect solution. It is high in carbohydrates and has more protein than crisps and ice cream, so what a perfect excuse to get the popcorn supplies in!
Creating popcorn at home
Microwave popcorn is quick and easy for the fresh popcorn taste at home, but a definite no no for those who are watching the calories. It is very high in fat, for 48 to 76 percent of the calories come from the fat of the oil added. In comparison air popped pop corn is only 5% and oil popped 45%. So the best solution is to go for air popped corn. There are however low fat microwave alternatives.
The best way to create fresh popcorn is to use a popcorn maker or heater. You will get the best and safest results with this. There are a variety of sizes and designs of popcorn warmers, to use at home. If you are looking for a cheap option you can always use a pan, all you need is a little oil, put the corn in and close the lid over heat.
Colours of popcorn
There are many types of popcorn supplies to create different types of pop corn. These include yellow as the cheapest and widely used, red nutty flavoured, white, and more unusually black and blue.
Some interesting facts about popcorn
Popcorn supplies have also been used as jewellery and hair accessories!
The first breakfast cereal derived from popcorn, although industrial machinery industry outlook it is not advisable to substitute popcorn for cereal!
Popcorn is so popular it even has it’s own day on the 30th of January!