PPE Dispensing – Save Time, Money and Improve Worker Safety

PPE dispensing solutions, most commonly referred to as (personal protective equipment), not only save businesses time and money, but also improve worker safety, availability and compliance.
There are dispensing machines available that can be tailored to accommodate any application use and working environment. These devices bring control and accountability to the workforce while allowing full access to vital safety equipment.
The most efficient of these devices can be used as stand-alone units or combined to provide the most resourceful, money-saving and user-friendly solutions.
If your organization is considering implementing one of these key dispensing machines, here are some reasons to help you decide.
Reduced consumption of materials
A 20-30% reduction is frequently realized when employing an automation and accountability system. Having complete control of dispensing limits to workers proves to increase this reduction by up to 50%.
Manpower hours lincoln 300mp are lessened
With 24/7 automation employees do not need to be assigned to distribute materials and tools to workforce. The result is lower payroll costs and increased productivity.
Increase quality assurance
Assign access to certain equipment to specified workers. For example, if a type of glove is known to cause workers on the assembly line mishaps due to mishandling of materials then allow access only to certain gloves.
Cleanliness in the workplace
Require checked out items to be returned to dispensing device, which will eliminate overflow in designated work areas. Knowing who checked what out and when holds employees accountable.
Control and standardize purchasing initiatives
By dispensing chosen and particular item types and knowing the exact quantities purchased and used, management will only provide the safety equipment the company wants to use. This prevents employees from spending on unapproved merchandise.
Safety equipment product management and development maintenance
Equipment that’s used and is malfunctioning is tracked through a central database. Knowing the condition of these tools eradicates wasted time when the next worker checks out the same item, then realizes it’s not functioning. Management can then have the tool fixed appropriately.
Trying to manually track any of these above tasks, along with managing spending limits, becomes a daunting task for any supervisor. Let the technologically advanced PPE dispensing systems work for you.
Stop passing out PPE items through a dedicated storage room. Allow one central supply cabinet to house your tools and materials while keeping track of all transactions, and handling future reordering requests.
Make PPE dispensing a part of your work environment so your employees have the right safety gear, for the correct jobs, whenever they need it.