Renovating the Motor for Winter

Renovating the Motor for Winter

What will be in the last fall season? Motorcyclists will consider this season is good start to have great challenge for upcoming season of winter. It is time when the weather gets cooler and the roads are full of snows which make the motorcyclist hard to ride theirs on road.

In spite of these facts, the winter also brings good news for them to encounter promising challenge in riding motor. For making sure the motor in good condition and ready to enter winter season. Some small designs should be done with the use of proper supplies and tools.

So, what should be prepared for renovating the motor? These are cleaning kits, spark plugs, chain lube, gloves, fuel stabilizer, spark plug wrench and cloths.

For your motor treatment, these things should be there. Mild detergent is required in cleaning the motor for preventing corrosion while cleaned. The road should be cleaned from any dirt and insects. Use chamois as well for cleaning and drying the motor.

What’s more, the use of WD-40 is necessary for cleaning the chain. In fact, the chain is a key part of motor which should be regularly cleaned out for better performance. What’s more the fuel stabilizer should be there to install in gas tank. It just prevents the worse condition because it will be not used for certain period of time.

To eliminate the sludge which possibly comes up during the hibernation of motor, the fuel stabilizer is required indeed. It prevents the engine into worse condition.

What’s more, before changing the oil filter and oil, the engine should be warmed up. The spark plugs also should be changed elsewhere to support fine tune up. Just take a look at the battery. If you do not use it at this time, just change it with the battery charger for safer use.

The low temperature will always lead the engine into inactive position. With the battery charger, it can be solved out. When your motorcycle is not being used, it is better to store it at room where the temperature is stabile for preventing worse engine which may happen.