Saving Money on Your Petrol Bill

Saving Money on Your Petrol Bill

When it comes to saving money on your fuel bill, I consider myself something of an expert. I have honed my skills over thousands and thousands of miles and would now like to give them away for free! It doesn’t matter if you travel 1 mile a week or 1 thousand, there are things you can do to help you save money.

1) Drive in the highest gear at the slowest speed. This basically means avoid revving the car too highly before changing gear, you will probably have already heard this one. It helps to have a car with 6 gears however most of us don’t have this luxury! Travelling on the motorway in your highest gear, you don’t have to go 90mph! (you also cant, because it’s illegal).

2) Remove all unnecessary baggage. This is another golden oldie, but anything adding weight to the car will increase fuel consumption. You might also want to consider getting a space saver spare wheel. They are temporary spare wheels which take up less room than your normal spare wheel. They are much lighter and so have a positive impact on your fuel bill.

3) Eliminate unnecessary journeys. Ride your bike to the shops and enquire about car sharing opportunities where possible. Make sure every car journey you make is unavoidable.

4) Keep your car well serviced. Looking after your wheels may seem costly and time consuming but it is well worth it as savings can be made not just in fuel but other expensive repair jobs.

5) Find the cheapest fuel. Various online tools allow you to pop in your post code and it will tell you where your cheapest station is. Obviously you’d have to decide whether or not travelling to the station would be worth your while, in my experience, it usually is.

A lot of saving fuel costs comes down to common sense. There are a lot of other techniques (such as not using air conditioning, driving with the windows up and keeping your tires well inflated) and they often simply come down to good car care and sensible driving practice.