Silly String – Facing Off the Gloom With a Can of Silly String

Have you been so overwhelmed with such a gloomy mood that nothing can break it except someone really forcing a laugh out of you by being nerdy or telling a really dry and non-laughable joke that some how hits a funny bone (which for fact purposes, hardly anyone has that sort of person on hand all of the time)? If that someone isn’t available at a particular time, than what you need is a can of silly string. In so many ways, silly string has been a mood booster that doesn’t involve taking something orally, or putting something “into” your body, such as pills or shots or any kind.
It is a natural and healthy item of life that naturally brings out the best in you and chases away the impenetrable gloom that seems to surround you with little to no effort except a push of a finger. It is a strange types of wood for building phenomena that happens when you push that button. Here are a few ideas of some highly respectable people who have tried to explain the process in what happens when a person uses that ever glorious button.
* Events Associated With Silly String: A few opinions have been that the very fact that silly string is associated with parties and celebrations; fun, laughter, playing and fooling around with friends and family spurs that same emotion milestone b requirements in the brain immediately when that silly stringed button is pushed. The brain sends a signal to the rest of your body and other parts of your brain relating all the memories and knowledge associated with this particular product.
* Colors Always Effect The Mood: Another really advanced thinking about the silly string affecting the mood for the better, is it has been proven that colors effect the mind and the mood. So if you happen to have bright colors, than you have what you would call ” gloomy mood moved to positivity and elation”. If you think about it a little bit, it does seem to be true, doesn’t it? When you see yellow perhaps, you would definitely have a change of mood from looking at black all day, wouldn’t you? Unless, of course, you are a “yellow hater”. It makes sense.
* Stress Reliever: Another theory, is that the smallest amount of stress relief actually has a five to one ratio and will boost the spirits right up even though it is only a finger pressing on the button to squirt out the string. There is nothing that has a greater impact on emotions, than relieving your emotions in some constructive way. It has a great deal to do with the attitude you have at the present and can alter the mood in a split moment as well. It’s amazing.
The third and final theory, which happens to be mine, is actually combining all of these theories together. There is some truth to all of them, and the main fact and truth, is that by using just one can of silly string when in a gloomy mood, you have a delightful turn of emotions towards the good. No doubt about it.