What Is Airsoft and What’s The Attraction?

So here I am looking at all the airsoft gear that I’ve accumulated over the years and I’m thinking that I should share some of the thoughts that I’ve picked up while playing this amazing sport every weekend. I mean let’s be honest, this is a fun sport and sometimes we need to get away and blast each other without any lasting damage.
Airsoft and how it’s played
The comparisons are inevitable so I’ll just put it out there – paintball and airsoft have a lot in common. Airsoft is generally less painful because the BB’s are lighter in weight and so there’s less of a zing when you get hit. This can be an advantage since you can go home in one piece, but then again some airsoft guns shoot in excess of 400fps which CAN break the skin if you get hit. But generally you can’t really be sure if you hit your adversary like in paintball so airsoft is played by the honor system. Either way in both games people try to find a way to shoot the guy on the other team to defend a position or capture a flag or some other endeavor.
Another difference is in the equipment. Paintball equipment looks menacing in it’s own right but airsoft is generally more accurate in looks, size and weight to a real firearm which explains the legal restrictions in some areas. Some airsoft guns are so realistic in fact that they are collectors items in their own right with people playing hundreds of dollars to upgrade various parts. Paintball ammo, however is around 10x more expensive than airsoft ammo.
So in a nutshell, compared food processing courses to paintball, airsoft is:
– cheaper – the guns, the ammo, the gas etc.
– More realistic guns
– A little less painful
Finally, the airsoft equipment that you wear is intended to keep you safe, and unless you do something boneheaded, airsoft is one of the safest sports out there other than gateball or curling. There are plenty of ways to get hurt like ceco emissions testing smashing into a tree or twisting your ankle on a rock, all of which I have done, but generally, if you invest in good safety equipment and use it, you’ll live to play another day. Only watch out for biting and stinging insects.
So there you have it, pick up a gun, throw in a mag, get out there and have some safe wild fun!…

Airsoft Gun Eye Safety Equipment and Why You Should Use It

As a mother of sons who enjoy the sport of airsoft gun wars with the use of pellets, I wanted to share with you a study done regarding eye injuries. This report/study was conducted by our friends who are ophthalmologist that specialize in retina surgery. I will attempt to paraphrase so that we laypeople might better understand their findings. Essentially the emphasis is on consistent use of protective equipment, especially goggles or full facemasks.
Since the early 80’s, airsoft guns have been used for:
-military training situations
-airsoft gun competition
-training of law enforcement and security
-recreational airsoft gun shooting, usually in simulated war games.
Many entrepreneurs initially purchased equipment and leased land to promote these war games. Each person is equipped with carbon dioxide-powered gun and protective eyewear. As airsoft guns and pellets have become easier to obtain, the use of these dangerous weapons at home has become more popular.
Each player at a war game facility is required to wear eye protection consisting of goggles or full facial headgear. Sometimes the goggles may be knocked off during play or may become foggy or dirty and be removed temporarily for cleaning. Although such facilities require eye protection, no such requirements exist at other sites, like at home.
Many eye injuries have been reported since 1985 regarding the pellet injuries. Most of these reports indicate that failure welder supply cable to wear eye protection resulted in injury, though some injuries occurred despite proper use of eye protection.
Results: Eye injury in 10 patients, 7 of the ten did not have eye protection at the time of injury, 2 patients had goggles in position (the pellet entered under the goggles), and 1 patient wore a full-face helmet. Only one patient was playing at an airsoft game facility, and the other 9 were playing recreationally at home or a friend’s home.
Six patients had surgery. At the one year follow up of these patients: all who had surgery for the airsoft pellet injury had improvement in final visual acuity compared to their initial visual acuity assessment. The 4 patients who did not have surgery had the best initial visual acuity, but did not however, have the best final visual acuity.
Conclusion: Blunt trauma to the eye caused by these pellets can result in severe ocular injury and permanent loss of vision. Emphasis by manufacturers on eye safety measures and mandatory packaging of eye protection with all airsoft-related items might be helpful to public safety education in reducing visual injury from these airsoft war games. Therefore, take precautions during play and when you purchase airsoft guns, please purchase eye protection and USE IT during play. Your eye site would be a terrible thing to loose.
Factual basis of this article is from a study done by Department of Ophthalmology and demand and supply pdf Vitreoretinal Surgery, University of Alabama at Birmingham, School of Medicine.…