Reduce Supply Chain Costs – 10 Ways to Save Energy and Cut Waste

1. Use long life fluorescent bulbs and lamps. Long life fluorescent lamps require changing less frequently which will reduce labor costs over the bulbs lifespan.
2. Regular light bulbs can be replaced by more energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs that yield the same amount and quality of light while reducing energy costs.
3. Replace lighting fixtures with newer energy efficient fixtures. Example: Replace 400 watt metal-halide light fixtures with T8 fluorescent bay fixtures.
4. Alternative lighting solutions provide serious energy savings in a short amount of time. Perform lighting audits to calculate energy saving opportunities from specific upgrades.
5. Think outside the box when expediting transportation of replacement parts. Contact the factory directly for replacement small construction equipment parts and arrange for speedy alternative transportation of needed parts to reduce down time on production lines.
6. Out service your competitors by reducing customer down time due to late deliveries.
7. Track ordering activity. Scrutinize automatic purchase requisitions and determine if the items are really needed when ordered.
8. Outsourcing of inventory control with keep-fill program helps regulate supplies, and takes the burden off plant personnel freeing them up to do more productive duties.
9. Reduce training costs by arranging for employees to be trained on processes from suppliers providing product. For instance, suppliers of fuse boxes could be asked to train mechanics on servicing the new boxes.
10. Take advantage of special offers made by suppliers for free services like training, storage cabinets, etc.
Organizing and labeling storage facilities reduce labor costs because milling machine axis less time is spent locating and collecting work materials.