How Does the Care For a Baby Bearded Dragon Differ From Caring For an Adult Beardie?

When you choose a Baby Bearded Dragon, you won’t know if you’re getting a him or a her until the dragon matures. The sex of the dragon horizontal mill parts matters because raising males is different from female Beardies as the males will get defensive against other males as they age.
So you’ll want to keep a careful eye on them as they grow in order to quickly separate them when you notice typical behavior for the species but keeping them together is okay until they show certain signs.
With the Baby Bearded Dragon, you can keep them in a smaller tank until they’re around 10 inches long. After that, you’ll have to move them to a larger enclosure. You won’t have that option with an adult dragon.
Adult Beardies need large space the second you bring them into your home. They don’t function very well in a small enclosures and if they don’t have the room they need, they’ll exhibit signs of stress. If the situation isn’t resolved, the stress can result in death to your pet.
Just like human babies, a Baby Bearded Dragon needs to eat between two and three times every day. Adult Beardies don’t profit function and its properties have to eat as often. The younger dragons also need a higher percentage of protein in their diet than the adults do.
They need at least 70% while an adult can subsist on 20%. Insects provide a good source of protein for your Beardie but keep in mind that not all insects are safe for your lizard.…

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