The Importance Using Smoke Hoods For Your Protection During Fire Incidents

There are a number of protective devices worn during terrible circumstances when presence of noxious gases in the air is detected. A smoke hood is much like a gas mask but it is more like a semi-transparent airtight covering worn around the head and it covers the entire head and neck. It has an air filter allowing the wearer to breathe through the mouth. This air filter gets air from the atmosphere around. Smoke hoods are essentially made to serve as protection for people to prevent inhalation of toxic fumes during fire.
A premium smoke hood is usually made of a heat resistant material so that it withstands temperature extremes. The filter is the vital part of this device because it processes toxic air to filter toxic gases and particulates. The device constitutes two filters: one is activated charcoal how to prevent equipment failure and the other is a filter that blocks entry of particulates. The filters act to prevent inhalation of noxious fumes, such as hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulfide, and chlorine. Perhaps, a notable function of an ideal smoke hood is conversion of fatal carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide.
A similar apparatus called protective breathing equipment (PBE) is found in aircraft and it provides oxygen to passengers during emergency; hence, in effect, acting much like a smoke hood. However, it supports breathing for a very limited period only.
The main purpose of a smoke hood is to support breathing in people escaping to safety from a burning building. As the structure and shape of the device imply, it is a head gear, which when worn correctly can protect the head of the wearer from thermal extremes. More importantly, the protective device serves as an effective barrier between the organs of the head and harmful gases and particulates spewed by fire. Escape supply chain management benefits from a fire consumed building without such gear can expose the eyes to irritating gases and expose the respiratory tract to noxious and deadly fumes and gases (smoke, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, etc). Nonetheless, like most breathing support devices, it is only good for a few minutes and it is also good for single use only, as it can no longer be resealed for future use once its packaging is opened.
There are different types of smoke hoods and they are often manufactured by companies that also do other fire safety devices. Each type has its own features, such as usage specifications and the duration of protection. Purchasing a smoke hood, therefore, should come with product awareness to avoid picking out the wrong or inappropriate device. The most dreadful gas in a fire smoke is carbon monoxide and your protective device should be able to filter out this toxic gas. Hence, you must check the device you are buying to make certain that you get one that filters CO because it’s the gas you should avoid.
Contrary to what you may be thinking, these protective hoods are not necessarily bulky items. In fact, you …

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