Used Industrial Machinery: Reasons to Buy Used Woodworking Machines

Buying something used is usually a matter of necessity, but not always. For example, buying industrial woodworking machines secondhand is often better than buying them new. If you are starting a new woodworking business, or upgrading other aspect of manufacturing your current business, you may want new machinery for your new endeavor. Before you go in debt, or spend a large amount of money on one machine, consider why buying used industrial machinery could be better than buying new machinery.
Delivers the Same Quality as New Machines
In spite of its secondhand status, a used machine can deliver the same quality as a new one-a fact that becomes clear when comparing the work of a used CNC machine to the work of a new one. Unlike hobby and mid grade equipment, industrial equipment is built to perform under heavy use without compromising production quality. Buying new equipment may be ideal, but well-maintained secondhand equipment can perform just as well.
Lasts for Decades
Unlike hobby and mid-grade machines that have a limited lifespan, industrial machines that last for decades have a phenomenal resale value. In fact, many serve three or more owners over the course of its lifespan. If you need an affordable machine that you can depend on for years to come-and will still be able sell when you are finished with it-buying a pre-owned industrial machine and keeping it well-maintained is the best option.
Costs Less than New Machines
The price for some new woodworking machines is astronomical. For example, the cost of a large CNC router can exceed $1 million, and the cost of a medium sized one can exceed $250,000. With so much money at stake, paying 20% to 70% less than the new sticker price of a machine makes excellent sense, when thinking in budgetary terms. If you need to stretch your equipment budget as far as possible, buying second-hand machinery will help accomplish that goal.
Ideal for Infrequent Woodwork
If you seldom execute a certain type of woodwork, performing it with second hand equipment nearing the end of its life can (a) provide the production capacity you need, (b) provide that capacity long-term, depending on production frequency, and (c) cost remarkably less than a new machine of comparable design. If you seldom carry out a certain type of woodwork, buying a new machine and using it sparingly is a bad investment. Rather, buying a serviceable machine nearing the end of its lifespan is a wise decision.
No Novelty Associated machine components pdf with Buying Pre-Owned
The value of consumer products is linked with the novelty of newness. For non-consumer products, this novelty is usually non-existent. Because a woodworking machine is utilitarian, it can offer the same production quality whether it is new or pre-owned. Also, it will not affect the image of a company, so buying it new for the sake of being the only previous owner is pointless.
To learn more about whether new or used industrial machinery is right for your business, or how to select previously owned woodworking machines, contact a seller of new and pre-owned woodworking machinery today.