The Best Time To Make a Change

The Best Time To Make a Change

If you say you want to change but then take no action you really don’t want to change. Is it really that simple? What do you think?

Upwardly mobile people are always getting new input in the form of new knowledge and information. This new input can fuel the fire of change or plant the seed of starting down the path of making a change.

Here’s a personal example then we’ll talk business…

What if someone realizes a particular habit or way of life is causing them to gain weight? If they learn a new (to them) idea for staying fit and because of this input they start down a path of “change” this is an example of mental input affecting physical reality.

For many years I operated a business that kept me on my feet and forced me to remain active without thinking about it. When my life changed and I made a transition to a new business that did not keep me active physically active I started to pack on the pounds.

At just twenty-nine I ended up with a “spar-tire.” It was depressing. I had been physically fit since my early teens and now I had blubber around my waist. What did I do? Two simple things really…

1. I cut out most sweets. Three times per week I’d eat a do-nut or piece of cake with my mid morning coffee. I replaced that bad habit. I eat fruit as a mid-morning snack now.

2. Next I learned that multiple “exercise” sessions during the course of the day do wonders to burn fat and keep your metabolism fired up. Maybe I “knew this already.” But there’s a difference between knowing and doing. In the past I only needed to “workout” once per day to keep fit. But my new “less physically active work” demanded I add another exercise session. So I tacked on another thirty to sixty minutes of moderate exercise without sacrificing work or family time. How? I just figured it out because I wanted to get rid of and keep off the spar tire more than I wanted to make excuses.

I’m happy to report I’ve held my weight steady at 190 for two years and I currently feel (and look) better than I did in my mid twenties.

I have more examples, but I figured that’d be the easiest one to start with.

So what about you?

Whether business or personal – is there a change you want to make?

In my internet marketing business I come across business owners who know they need to make a change to their overall web strategy. Some know their websites are crying to be updated because they are communicating a poor message to their best prospects. Some know how now is the time to add a “mobile website” because of the increased traffic from mobile devises.

Sadly… Not all take action. They are more comfortable leaving things the way they are even though they know what they gotta do.

If you know you have to make a change and you are resisting it – are you just not ready in the grand scheme of the universe? I doubt it.

No matter what it is…

Getting rid of and keeping off a spar tire like me or making an improvement in your business… Gather some knowledge – take some action – you know what you gotta do – so just get moving.