The Great Guest Experience – Focusing on the Amenities

Hotels want happy guests; it’s their primary focus as well as their bread and butter. Everybody, whether it’s the housekeeping staff, the president of the hotel group or the VP of Sales, strives to provide the perfect guest experience. Because they want each and every guest to be thrilled when they leave, having thoroughly enjoyed their stay, lodges pay attention to what you, as a guest, care about. When you praise or pan their amenities oak vs cherry cabinets and conveniences, hotels appreciate it. Like many businesses, inns are multifaceted as many different hands and tasks must come together to make guests happy. Whether it’s the front desk staff going above and beyond, housekeeping cleaning with quality hotel supplies or the amenities the hotel offers guests, each component is critical to the hotel’s ability to compete with other hotels by providing an exceptional guest experience.
Some hotels bank their reputations on the amenities and hotel supplies they offer, signature beds, cookies and telephones in the bathrooms among others. When travelers review hotels, the pool, sauna, fitness center and breakfast, among many others, are common, value-added amenities. As people are looking at hotels and deciding where to stay, amenities factor in because they add tangible value as they allow people to spend money elsewhere, on souvenirs, for example. Guests appreciate useful hotel supplies because when guest rooms are furnished with hair dryers, irons and ironing boards, they allow guests to pack more of the things they want to pack or leave them room for extra purchases on vacation.
Along with amenities, high end resorts often provide a variety of conveniences for use by their guests; some are free while others can be had for a nominal fee. Concierge desks, brochure banks, ATM machines, stamps and in-room check out are among the conveniences various hotels offer their guests along side hotel supplies. Many times people who stay at luxury hotels have higher praxair fresno expectations and are more demanding, in part because they’re paying a premium. Conveniences are typically extras not found or offered by motels and other mid-level hotels and while they’re not necessarily luxuries, they’re usually helpful services many guests take advantage of. Not unlike amenities and hotel supplies, conveniences add value to a guest’s experience.
While they are often taken for granted and very much under appreciated, hotel supplies are a an integral part of a guest’s experience. Curved shower bars, durable shower curtains, absorbent bath towels and complimentary toiletries are a few of the many important hotel supplies hotels use to furnish great guest rooms. The great thing about amenities for many hotels is their ability to double as d?�cor. While you may notice a difference in quality and materials, plastic ice buckets vs. glass ice buckets, many hotels care similar hotel supplies. Additionally, they add function and value to guest rooms.
When hotels, regardless of class, are able to provide their guests an array of amenities, hotel supplies and conveniences they elevate their status among the other hotels in their area. If guests write reviews about their hotel stays, they frequently comment on the hotel supplies and amenities, praising or panning them. Obviously pleasing every guest and satisfying every want, need or desire relative to amenities is nearly impossible; however, striving for excellence is realistic. As hotels work to earn your business and maintain or improve their occupancy rates, they often discover it comes naturally when they offer the right combination of hotel supplies and amenities.