The Importance of High Quality Dog Food

There are many dog foods out there on the market but which ones are right for your dog?
If you new dog is a puppy then of course you would start feeding the dog on a puppy/junior food such as Arden Grange Puppy. This will give them all the help they need to get them growing and building a healthy immune system. This then advances to the adult food such as Arden Grange Chicken and Rice.
Unlike humans dogs first and foremost are interested in food by smell alone. The nose of a German shepherd contains supply chain management pdf 2019 up to 200 million olfactory receptors, while the most sensitive human nose has no more than 20 million.
On the other hand when it comes to taste buds humans have around 9000 and the average dog has around 1700. So as you can see from these figures, smell is the most important part for the dog.
A high quality dog food is key to having a happy healthy dog and feeding good food you will see the benefits in the dog’s performance and of course their shiny healthy coat.
You can also buy breed specific food such as German Shepherd Eukanuba dog food which is aimed at the breed and so will take into account all the breed factors such as size, size if kibble and of course issues such as the jaw. Some breeds such as the boxer have a lower jaw that protrudes beyond the upper draw and curves slightly upwards (prognathism).
Your dog needs the goodness and nutrients as we do. So they will grow and develop water treatment equipment companies to become fit and healthy as long as they are being fed the correct diet.