The New Energy Savior: Natural Gas To The Rescue

The New Energy Savior: Natural Gas To The Rescue

What would you think about $1.50 gas again? With the recent advancements in Natural Gas extraction methods, it may go lower than that! Many large U.S. companies are starting to replace diesel engine trucks with Natural Gas vehicles. By all accounts we are the Saudi Arabia of Natural Gas. Many estimates put the reserves at enough to last at least 100 years.

The auto companies already make CNG(compressed natural gas) vehicles overseas. As soon as they start building them here they will sell. When people start buying them the oil producing countries will feel the pinch when they see the demand for gas start to plummet. But then the scare tactics will begin.

Everybody will be told that we don’t have the infrastructure to fuel the vehicles. We will be told that cars will be exploding, and be too dangerous. I say BULL!

When T. Boone Pickens was trying to get Congress and Obama to listen to him about the possibilities of using Natural Gas for transportation, all Obama wanted to talk about is Electric Vehicles. They have years to go before the battery technology allows vehicles to be used for more than just traveling around town and then back home.

And the neat thing about having a CNG vehicle is you can have a fueling station hooked up at your home if you use Natural Gas at home. Besides if the service stations know CNG vehicles are here to stay they will get set-up to sell it. A few years ago there were only 2 Ethanol stations in our state, then with Ethanol production going up there were hundreds of pumps across the state within a year.

Then think of the future possibility of Fuel Cell vehicles. All of this isn’t just a pipe dream, it is going to happen sooner than some people think. About 15-20 years ago Chicago had all of their buses in the city on an experimental Fuel Cell program. All the buses in Chicago, can you imagine that? Why doesn’t every large city in the country have this?

As I stated earlier what about $1.50 gas? I not only think it’s coming I think it could go lower than that.

I hear people talking about how much gasoline China will be using but what they are not reading is that China is also working on alternate fuel programs. As sure as I am sitting here today, OPEC will be wanting to give it’s oil away sometime soon. The world will be coming to us for their energy needs. (CNG)

That is enough for today, boy do I feel good about the thought of OPEC shaking in their boots. I hope our politicians have enough sense to stay out of the way and let the explorers and drillers free us from the hell that hostile countries enjoy putting us in.