There is Nothing Evil About Fossil Fuel Energy Companies, But It Is Evil to Claim So

There is Nothing Evil About Fossil Fuel Energy Companies, But It Is Evil to Claim So

Fossil fuels for energy and fuel have served the human race well, and whereas no pollution would be nice, there is a lot of energy packed in fossil fuels, and there aren’t very many other sources of energy that can compete with that. There is nothing evil about fossil fuels, they are what they are, and they’ve served our purpose. And until in the future other alternative source of energy can compete without being subsidized, it is irresponsible to call out fossil fuels because it will raise the cost of energy to such a high point it will create economic challenges.

Poor people in the United States for instance won’t be able to run their air conditioners, or afford fuel for their cars to get to work, or anything else. In fact it’s irresponsible, and evil to cause them strife by unbalancing the level playing field of free markets on behalf of alternative energy which cannot perform at the same level because it doesn’t provide the same amount of energy. Those environmentalists who think that they are helping someone, are actually hurting society, and causing a worsened problem in the economy, and causing 10s of millions of people to fall out of the middle class here at home in the United States.

It’s even worse in other parts of the world, and I ask is it really fair to them? We are making policies and forcing agendas onto these other nations in the name of good, yet we are hurting people. If they can’t afford to live and have to pay more for energy, they have less money to buy important things such as food, or even to send their kids to higher education to lift the family at of poverty where they may have been there for generations, and may be there for generations to come due to the hardheaded environmentalists and their agenda.

Okay so, one could actually make the claim that the environmentalism can often be just as evil and unfair to mankind, even more so than the accusations against fossil fuels. Environmentalism has been irresponsible, indeed, this has been quite common, as we’ve seen in the recent past. In fact, we’ve seen politicians literally use environmental protection agencies to go after fossil fuels to hurt them in the marketplace and give the advantage to their competitors.

And the when their competitors still can’t perform, these same politicians will offer subsidies, and tax credits, and charge the difference to the tax payer’s they same folks who are already paying through the nose, what kind of an alternative energy future is that? In some regards they are making the alternative energy industry weaker, less competitive, and therefore will see its demise – and mankind will not be better off, he will be worse off, that’s the reality.

Thus, all the way around it’s a bad idea, a bad deal, and the environmentalism tactics will not solve the problem pollution, or help mankind, all it is doing is causing more poverty, and more manipulation in the energy industry. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it. If you have any comments or concerns, or perhaps questions or case studies please shoot me an e-mail.