Top Tips for Supplying Welding Equipment

If you are considering stocking welding equipment for customers then there are a few basic pieces of equipment your customers will expect and require. Firstly, no matter what type of welding you are doing the most important equipment you need to stock is safety gear. Your stock list of safety welding equipment should include safety goggles to protect the eyes, overalls, heat resistant gloves and protective helmets to ensure that your customers minimise the risk of accidents such as burns. Next you should consider investing in both mig welding supplies and tig welding supplies.
Mig welding aircraft deicing equipment manufacturers supplies
Mig welding stands for metal inert gas welding and when choosing which mig supplies to stock, you should always look out for well known, quality brands. Equipment such as portable welders (like the Autostar 135 mig welder) are good to have in stock as these welders are easy to move, ideal for automotive work and are user friendly, making them great for beginners. To ensure all your customers are catered for you could also stock professional, top of the range mig welding supplies including those by manufacturers Cea and Xcalibur. Including these in your range will appeal to the more experienced customers who demand ultra high spec equipment to complete the job.
Tig welding supplies
Tig welding supplies (tig being short for tungsten inert gas) should also feature in your stock list as this equipment is used by professional welders such as those working in the aerospace air compressor. Tig supplies can be very powerful so as a result they do tend to be expensive but investing in quality machines from brands such as Cebora and Cea will ensure your customers receive superb value for money.
It’s important to carefully select quality welding equipment for your customers to be assured of its reliability and value for money. If you would like to stock high quality welding equipment then contact leading suppliers Trade Equipment.