Using Appliances Outside – A Checklist

There are a number of reasons you will need to use the power supply from your house outside. Eco-friendly garden equipment and mowers, even chainsaws are all reliant on the power supply from your house. Having a party? You will want your stereo outside, maybe also some lights, a little beer fridge (if it’s going to be a large one). Perhaps one day you’re in the mood to watch some TV under the shade of a tree. Whether the reasons be for practical users or leisure-time activities, any electrician will tell you that the danger of electricity remains the same. So, before plugging in that extension and rolling it outside, here’s a checklist for using appliances outside:
Using outside outlets. An outside outlet is a whole different kettle of fish to the ones in your lounge-room wall. You will need to ensure that it has a weather-proof global deicer parts cover attached at all times it isn’t being used. If the outlet needs to be used during wet weather, make sure the cover is designed for this, as many are not.
Ensure that a residual current device (RCD) is installed on your outlet, whether you’re using an indoor or outdoor outlet. These are also known as safety switches. Safety switches monitor the current in a circuit and will switch off in less than 300 milliseconds if any danger is present.
Checking power cords. Before even plugging in your appliance check to see if your power cord is in good repair. Look along its whole length for any holes or scratches. If any are found, do not use the cord. Any holes in a cord can let in moisture, which will result in an immediate earth grounding.
Avoiding wet or damp locations. Any water coming into contact with the circuit will result in grounding of the circuit, spelling out danger for you or anyone in contact with the circuit. Even if you have a safety switch installed in your circuit, this will cause it to trip. Using an mckinsey product manager article outdoor appliance in a damp environment will end up causing delays and frustration, if not serious personal damage. This can be a good concept for procrastination. Using an electrical mower when the grass is wet is a big no-no, so you’ve got a great excuse to not do it until later!
Be aware of your cord. It can be all very well taking precautions when using your appliances outdoors, but things can always go wrong, especially if you’re moving around a lot. If you’re using a bladed appliance such as a mower or hedge-trimmer, make sure you know at all times where the power cord is and how close you are to it. Slicing into a cord can cause serious damage to both yourself and the appliance.
If using an appliance outside that isn’t really meant to be outside, such as a stereo or television, keep an eye on it for things that may cause it damage. Nature has a way of invading anything that comes into contact with it. Be on the lookout for insects, dirt or leaves that could get inside and cause a short circuit. And, most importantly, if it looks like rain is on the way, think twice about using your stereo or television outside.
There are certain pleasantness in using electricity outside; even a novelty! Whether it be for practical reasons or just a one-off, because-I-feel-like-it type of thing; it always pays to be careful. Talk to an electrical services company if you’re not sure.