Using Multi Fuel Stoves Effectively

Using Multi Fuel Stoves Effectively

Multi fuel stoves are an upcoming trend and the main reason as to why people are switching over to them is the fact that the prices of gas, electricity and other forms of fuel just keeps increasing exponentially.

These stoves aren’t only used for cooking, you could even use them to heat up your entire home in the winters and that’s the reason they’re called modern fireplaces. All you need to do is switch on the stove and turn off your Air Conditioning (if it’s a dual way AC – or heater if you have one).

Multi Fuel stoves basically use wood and hence are commonly termed as wood burning stoves.

Effectively using these stoves

Using these wood burning stoves is really easy; but, if you want them to be efficient and get the most out of the wood you use, here are a few tips to help you out:

Use a fireplace insert

Very often we use our multi fuel stoves to heat up the house. But, if you place them in a fireplace, just that single room would be heated up. However, we need the entire house to be heated. In such cases it would be wise to use a fireplace insert.

Stove Size

By stove size it also indicates the amount of wood you’re going to be burning at any given point of time. If at all the walls of your home aren’t good insulators you may need to burn a lot in order to maintain a constant temperature.

Also, if you keep your windows open or if there are crevices you’re going to lose heat drastically. In such cases you may need to use a larger multi fuel stove.

What fuels to use

There are plenty of fuels that you could use for your multi fuel stove and hence it’s got that name. However, the best fuels to use are coal and wood. Coal is always preferred as it’s got a higher percentage of carbon and therefore would be able to burn completely. You could even use Peat which is also a form of coal – basically it’s coal in its initial stages.

If you opt to use wood, you need to make sure that it’s completely dry as wood tends to collect moisture really fast which decreases the overall efficiency when you burn it.

So, no matter what fuel you use, try to make sure that your home is well insulated as this would reduce the need of fuel and hence save you both time as well as money.