Warehouse Management Systems – How to Find the Best Hardware Implementation Partner

Warehouse Management Systems – How to Find the Best Hardware Implementation Partner

Are you considering the benefits of installing an electronic warehouse management system (WMS)? Or perhaps looking to improve your existing system?

If so, this article will provide you with valuable tips to help you choose the best consultant or systems integrator for your business.

WMS Overview

Warehouse management systems will help electronically control the movement and storage of products/materials within your warehouse. These systems leverage barcode and RFID technologies to give you much better control over warehouse processes like picking, packing and shipping.

Implementing a high quality warehouse management system will streamline your business and provide tangible benefits including more accurate inventory control, improved efficiencies, reduced labor costs and better customer service.

Finding the Best Hardware Implementation Partner

So, the time has come for you to investigate hardware implementation partner for your warehouse management system. It’s critical to find a high quality partner to work with. The overall success of your project depends on it.

So what do you need to look for? Here are 7 capabilities and services a quality partner should offer:

Complete site surveys of your entire facility to ensure optimum system and wireless coverage.

Configuration and installation of entire wireless network infrastructure.

Configuration and staging of your mobile computers and devices.

Comprehensive, hands-on training to ensure smooth implementation and minimal downtime.

On-going service and support for your mobile devices, barcode equipment and printers.

Ability to provide you with proper consumables such as labels for barcode and RFID printers.

Partner relationships with high quality software and hardware vendors.

In addition to these capabilities, you must select a partner with proven experience delivering successful warehouse management systems. You need to know your project is in capable hands. There is no substitute for experience and a proven track record.

The right WMS can help your business reduce costs and become more efficient. Follow the guidelines in this article and you’re well on your way.