Welding Safety Equipment

Welding safety equipment comes in various designs and fitted for different purposes. Regardless of the purpose or design, they each have one goal in common; to provide the utmost protection for welding professionals.
When choosing welding safety equipment, there are many things to consider but a prime consideration would be the type of welding that would be going siemens plm industries on. This would determine what possible dangers the welding professional would be exposed to and how best to go about combating these dangers.
The use of welding safety equipments is essential to protect the areas of the body most vulnerable to hazards, which result directly from welding activities. As a result, welding safety equipments focus on protecting the head, the eyes, the body, the legs and feet of a welding professional. Welding safety equipments would include welding apparel, welding safety goggles and safety harnesses amongst others.
Welding apparel come in many forms, some of which are headgears for protection from flames. They are designed for use in welding activities where high levels crawler excavators of heat or sparks are expected. They drape over the worker’s face and are flame retardant. A great material for these headgears would be leather.
Welding safety gloves are another form of welding safety apparel which is designed to be worn by workers for protection during welding activities. They are made from a number of materials including cowhide and deerskin. There are also welding safety gloves made from heat resistance fiber glass.
The safety harnesses are used by workers for welding activities in the air and are imperative in protection from falls. There are a lot of injuries from falls resulting from malfunctions of safety harnesses. The major reason for these injuries is that most safety harnesses have nylon webbings which could easily burn when sparks from welding activities touch them. Welding apparel protecting vulnerable parts are advised.
Some of these harness protection apparel include the bib aprons which are fire retardant. They repel the sparks which result from welding activities and protect the webbing of the safety harness. There are also waist aprons which are flame retardant and provide protection against burns from sparks. The arms, waist and legs of the safety harnesses have been found to be most vulnerable to burns therefore flame retardant sleeves are highly recommended.
Welding goggles are another important aspect of safety protection equipment. The eyes are particularly vulnerable to injury and damage during welding operations. There are so many hazards which exposure to would be extremely dangerous for the eyes. Some of these hazards include exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays, flying particles and molten metal amongst others. Welding goggles are highly recommended and are in fact, mandatory for welding operations.
OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) recognizes three broad categories under which welding goggles fall. These are the Eyecup Clear Safety Lens welding goggles; the Eyecup Coversepc Clear Safety Lens welding goggles and the Eyecup Coversepc Tinted welding goggles.
All welding safety equipment should be purchased from reliable vendors and should come with clear and legible instructions.