What Parents Should Tell Their Kids About Personal Safety

Children are not spared from the vicious acts of other people. There are about 2,300 children who go missing each day, as reported by the FBI. The statistics of kids being abducted is really alarming and parents should take an active participation to stop such incidence. Every parent cares so much about his child more than his own life. Most parents would refer their kids as the precious gem and maintenance objectives having your child abducted is the most terrifying thing that could ever happen to you. Thus, as early as now you’ve got to do something to solve this concern. Child psychology experts suggest you to start briefing your kids about their personal safety soon as they hit the age of 3 or 4. This is the right time that kids may already have a good grasp with matters concerning safety and security.
Keep Communication Lines Open
Open communication plays a significant role in the process of telling your kids about personal safety. As a parent, you should be able to effectively communicate with them and you must also see to it that in turn they can openly communicate to you. You can always remind them to tell you whatever their concerns are, especially those things that are making them uncomfortable.
Discuss the Ploys of Strangers
The majority of children have a trusting nature and since their trust can easily be gained aggressors tend to take advantage of it. You should educate your kids about the nature of a stranger and that being a person that you and even other family strangers don’t know. Better yet, you can tell them not to be too friendly with strangers. Aside from that, you can also teach them the possible ploys of strangers who may have bad intentions in them and these usually include offering things to them (especially candies and chocolates), asking for directions and other schemes just to gain the attention of the child. Whatever their tricks are, you should tell your child to say NO to them.
Holler In Case of Emergency
When someone is trying to hurt them or they think is acting suspiciously, they should know exactly what to do which include running while shouting for help to a nearby public place. You should also orient your kids on how to dial 911. Apart from that, you should also take collect calls so as your kids can reach you in times of emergency.
Safety Gadgets
With a great technology that we have these days, there’s not a single reason for you not to avail of it. There are personal safety equipment that you can use to arm your kids with such as a taser gun, stun gun and many others. You just have to properly instruct them on how to use these things and that these should only be used in emergency situations, not to poke and pull a prank on other kids.
These are just a few of the personal safety tips that you should discuss telescopic handler forklifts with your kids. There’s over a dozen that you can find on the net.