What The Heck Is A Fuel Bladder and Why They Are In Strong Demand

What The Heck Is A Fuel Bladder and Why They Are In Strong Demand

It is well known that an army marches on food and water. Without a functioning supply line, armies starve and wars are lost. In the same way that they march on food, they drive and fly on fuel. Fuel Bladders are the easy way to keep fuel close to the equipment that needs fueling. A fuel bladder is a giant pillow like temporary device that can be filled safely with fuel. The largest off the shelf fuel bladder has a capacity of 20,000 gallons. Manufacturers also can manufacture fuel bladders over 100,000 gallon capacity as well!

Why order these items instead of fabricating storage tanks? Some applications are permanent while others are temporary. Temporary applications are prime fuel pillow users. When a site closes down, the fuel bladder used at that location can easily be moved to the next location. Why should anyone spend money on a permanent tank for a temporary task? The military needs lots of fuel, and they need it reliably. Fuel bladders allow the military to accomplish this well.

Other users would include construction sites, speedways, and even service stations. In parts of the world, land is precious. In these locations, the idea of a 30 ft x 30 ft x 6 ft contraption on the land would be unimaginable. Any service station in a dense location would need underground tanks. Consider that there are also locations where there is plenty of available land. In these locations, why waste money burying fuel tanks? A Fuel pillow could work out fine, and cost a lot less than an engineering job.

Water is as important to people as fuel is to machinery. Water bladders are also available. The same units can be used for potable (drinkable) or gray (non drinkable) water. To avoid dangerous mistakes, a qualified dealer should find out how to label the water bladder. Homes with decent acreage should have a supply of water in case of any water system failure. Even 500 gallons of potable water would allow a family to survive a water crisis for quite a while. Of course water bladders can also be used for commercial application such as condominiums, and hospitals. A Hospital needs water just as much as it needs fuel and energy. With lives at stake, hospitals need their emergency contingencies for water – both potable and non potable. Capacities are the same as fuel pillows ranging from 500 gallons to 20,000 gallons.

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