Why Are Multi Fuel Stoves Becoming Increasingly Popular?

Why Are Multi Fuel Stoves Becoming Increasingly Popular?

In an era when the fuel prices are sky rocketing, one has to have other options in hand to keep the flame burning. Today more people are turning to a multi fuel stove so that they have an option in hand. A multi fuel stove, as its name explains offers various heating options. It burns on a variety of fuels and is not dedicated to just one type of fuel or burning agent. It is more efficient and functional than open fire. The following are a few of the many advantages of using a multi fuel stove.

1. This stove works with equal efficiency no matter which fuel is used. It can burn wood, coal or peat. Thus the user has his total freedom and the flexibility to use his chosen medium for heat or fire. Since you have multiple options, you can use the product that is cheapest at that point of time. For example if wood is cheaper than coal, you can burn wood. Alternatively if coal is cheaper than wood, you can use coal instead of wood.

2. The multi fuel stoves are not just multi functional and have wider applicability, but these are also smart looking. Designed to match your home decor, these come in a variety of designs and also in a range of colors to suit your home furnishes and theme. Thus adding grace and beauty to any given space, the stove is popular for its good looks too. In this competitive world, you can choose from a range of manufacturers, who offer more features at attractive price range to increase their sales compared to others.

3. Most of the multi fuel stoves have a fantastic heat efficiency. The heat is retained for longer period and therefore the amount of source of energy used is also thereby reduced. You need not burn a lot of wood or coal to retain the heat.

4. A multi fuel stove is easy to use. Contemporary designs with easy controls and safe features make these stoves more practical for the present times. The knobs are designed to match the unit and are more practical while in use.

5. Built sturdy, the multi fuel stoves last long. Most of these stoves have a body made of cast iron. Cast iron stoves may take longer time to heat up, but also does not cool fast. Despite of reaching high temperature, these do not bend or give way.