Why Commercial Vehicle Dealers Love Heavy Equipment Auctions!

Any vender of heavy equipment and commercial vehicles loves the sale of a new unit, though such transactions tend to leave dealerships with a stockpile of used equipment that is taken in on trade. The reality of reselling used equipment is that in most cases, it is easier and more profitable for a dealer to take traded-in vehicles to an auction of industrial equipment rather than attempt to sell it off the lot.

Considering the fact that without a doubt, most buyers of used commercial trucks are headed to the auctions themselves, the exposure alone makes it very worthwhile to wholesale used units. There forklift toyota are many other benefits to sending this equipment through this unique sale that most wise dealers know very well and take advantage of such options rather than trying to sell outright.

Greater Exposure – As already mentioned, currently most buyers looking to purchase a used commercial vehicle are looking at the auctions in most cases. Not only does this allow wholesalers to have units seen by a wider audience than would have been possible if only local advertising had been done, it is much more affordable in the long run. By listing with an auction of industrial equipment that is being handled by an established auction house with many years of experience running these types of sales, the hard work of knowing who to advertise to and how is out of a dealer’s hands. All that needs to be done is to list the vehicles, then wait for the sale to happen.

Fair Pricing – Since auctions are largely driven by actual market prices for used equipment, dealers who liquidate or wholesale trade-ins stand to make much more money than ending up with trucks that sit for a long time only to eventually be sold for much less than their potential worth. While a trader is not going to make the very top dollar on used vehicles, there can at least be confidence how are factory machines made that a fair market price can indeed be received for a unit, a price that can achieve being a good deal for both a buyer and a seller. Just the fact of being able to move multiple units in a rapid fashion is a real bonus in its own way, putting money back in the bank for the dealers while getting used equipment into the hands of those with a real need for that type of vehicle.

Easily Handled Transactions – In most cases, auction companies take care of all paperwork, making the transaction quick and easy for sellers and buyers. Title transfers and proof of ownership are provided for the new owners and in return, payment is guaranteed to the sellers. This takes most of the headache in dealing with individual buyers and individual financing out of the picture, making selling in this fashion a pleasure.

Great Option for Used Buyers – For the dealers that specialize in used trucks, the auction is still the best place to pick up the best units to set on a lot, and at the best prices that still leave room for adding on that profit margin on top. Larger dealers liquidating generally accept a lower price per unit to be able to move their stock, which can benefit the used dealers just as much as the private buyers.

All in all, whether buying or selling, it seems as if heavy-duty commercial truck auctions are the best place for equipment dealers, liquidators and wholesalers to do business. With the many conveniences such sales offer as well as the number of vehicles that go through these sales in front of a large number of buyers who attend or bid online, it is possible to do well whether clearing out units or filling a sales lot. Just be sure to stick with the more well known auction companies who know the auction business well, just as most buyers and sellers know which companies are the best ones to work with. So it is indeed an accurate statement to say that commercial truck dealers love heavy equipment auctions!