Woodturning Workshop – Essential Safety Equipment

There are numerous potential hazards in the woodturning workshop. Extremely sharp cutting tools and high speed machinery form a potentially lethal combination. When the novice wood turner is busy buying tools and equipment it is easy to lose sight of health and safety issues. You would do well to remember that your health is the one thing that you cannot put a price on.
When you are busy in the woodturning workshop it is important to wear the essential safety equipment. No matter what task or project you are occupied with you can guarantee there will be a safety aspect that industrial equipment examples needs to be followed. Failure to operate in a safe and sound manner is an accident waiting to happen. Most protective equipment is not too expensive so there is no excuse for compromising your own wellbeing.
The obvious potential risk is damage to your eyes. When you are working on the lathe bits of wood can fly towards your face. There are numerous options where eye protection is concerned. Some people prefer safety spectacles which come in various styles and specifications. These are fine for general eye protection, but do not protect the rest of the face. This is where the full face visor comes in handy. This is usually attached to a helmet and provides protection to the whole of your face. It is practical and convenient and the visor quickly lifts up when you need to stop the lathe and inspect your work.
Hands are next on the list and should be protected by an adequate pair of gloves. As wood turners we come into close proximity with some scary pieces of machinery. The band saw for example, can provide a frightening experience if you place your fingers too close to the blade. I have lost count of the times I have narrowly escaped serious cuts purely because I was wearing a good set of gloves. They also protect against those nasty splinters.
Lastly we come to the subject of dust which is all too often overlooked. Let us be perfectly clear about this, dust inhalation can and will damage your lungs. It should be taken seriously by wearing either a respirator or a basic face mask. This will guard against any potential problems. If you have no effective dust extraction in place then this safety equipment takes on a huge importance.
This specific subject may not be the most glamorous or interesting but it is still very important to all wood turners. Your safety should be of paramount importance when using any different types of wood and their uses tools, equipment or machinery. A sensible course of action is to ensure an adequate supply of essential safety equipment is present in your woodturning workshop at all times.