Article Marketing Is The Key For Traffic To Your Business Opportunity

Article Marketing Is The Key For Traffic To Your Business Opportunity

How do I get traffic to my website? Everyone who has an online business opportunity has the same issue. There are so many ways to go out and get web traffic, email marketing, blogs, seo, pay per click and article marketing. Yes, article marketing has been popular for a few years now. The problem is when the latest or greatest new method comes along we sometimes forget about what is really working and we lose focus. As a fisherman I am just as guilty, by tackle box is filled with different lures. They caught me at the store, but there is always a select few that are reliable that I go back to. Article marketing is the same way.

There have been some of the “so called experts” that claim that article marketing is dead, it’s overused, watered down, etc. That can be true to a point but the key point is when you write a decent article and submit the article to the right article directories, you still will get a great surge of traffic to your website. One article submission service that I use is, Submit Your Article. They submit your articles to all the major directories, but what really effective with them is the way you can rewrite your title and content so each directory picks up unique content.

By changing the article title and the content you could have one article submitted to 10 of the best article directories, and with 5 changes to the article you can rank in over 50 spots. That is very powerful! In fact in the last couple of weeks I have had several calls from people interested in my network marketing program that I promote, see my name and my sites all over the internet. They all signed up with me because the articles promote me as the expert and I am noticed all over for my keywords. If you like the business opportunity then the question becomes, who do you want to partner with? The side benefit of course is links back to your website that boost your sites rankings.

There is a lot of buzz about social marketing and yes it does work. But in order for social marketing to be effective it takes a lot of time. Article marketing done the right way can take time as well. Unlike social marketing, the benefits are realized right away. Even company replicated websites can benefit from article marketing traffic. The keyword Fuel Direct has over 12 million sites listed. The company replicated site is ranked number 2. That’s powerful, all with only 5 articles!

So, you want more visitors to your website? Put some effort into something that works, article marketing. In the tough economic times we are in it truly is a great way to brand yourself and receive a great deal of traffic. The great news is that it is free!