Bad Behaviour in Sports

Sports are fun to watch and to play, as long as the spirit of sport and the rules of the particular sport are adhered to. To be successful at any sport, you have to develop the discipline and single mindedness that will lead to winning. However, at no time should a “win at all costs” mentality be considered.
Sport is now big business and most conceivable sports are professional. However, it is considered a poor show if professional athletes stretch the rules in order to succeed. The Tour de France cycling race has suffered in recent years because of the numerous drug scandals. This has had a very detrimental effect of professional cycling. Drugs and stimulants have no place in sport. Their use is simply outrageous cheating.
Athletes should always perform some sort of stretching or warm-up routine before competing. However, bad habits often prevail. Some athletes begin doing their sport without the slightest organization. Preparation is vital for a professional athlete. It often happens, though, that amateur athletes are more careless about preparation They do not make it their business to do everything right. Sometimes people who play crawler excavators sports believe they can be athletes without much practice. Well; I am sorry to say that these people will not enjoy much success in their chosen sport. If they have the habit of doing little for weeks on end, then, they jump in and do a strenuous sports activity, they will not be successful. They believe that they do not need practice and can rely on their natural fitness. This can result in injury and exhaustion.
Proper safety equipment is a priority in some sports. NFL football player were to venture onto the field without his protective gear he would be severely injured. In amateur games, people may not be so careful about using safety equipment. They may play golf in dress shoes instead of properly spiked golf shoes. This may cause them an injury if they slip and fall. A bicyclist may have the bad habit of not using a helmet if he / she is just a recreational cyclist. This can be a dangerous mistake.
One major bad habit a few athletes have, in supposedly team sports; is not being team players. If a person tries to take all the glory, the team comes to resent him and will not support him up the way they industrial equipment used should. Thus the effective effort of the team is diminished and the team will be doomed to fail. If athletes work together with the team, the team will be a cohesive unit that will accomplish great things.
Sports are a great way to spend one’s leisure time or a great way to make a living. However, the way you behave, play and conduct yourself will make all the difference in how you and spectators enjoy your sport. Remember; it is not whether you win or lose, it is how you play the game that counts.