“The Little Torch” by Smith

Are you in need of a small lightweight torch for jewelry or other small items? Then the Smith Little Torch is your best solution. The Little Torch works exceptionally well for materials ranging from 3/16″ to especially small wires. This Tiny Torch welds, brazes, heats and solders most small projects and is equipped with 5 tips with more available.
The Little Torch utilizes most pressurized fuel gas and the list includes: acetylene, propane’s, propylene’s, hydrogen’s, natural gas as well as mapp with oxygen. These gases may be purchased at a nearby welding supply store. Disposable cylinders can be purchased at most home improvement centers. Keep in mind that even though disposable cylinders are the most portable, they are also the most expensive per cubic foot.
The Little Smith Torch has numerous tips and accessories to select from. But typically, the kit consists of the #3 through #7; the #2 is sold equipment maintenance schedule separately. Also available are the twin welding tips, sizes #4 through #6 and are employed when you need two points of heat on your project.
The Little Torch can draw upon many types of regulators. As stated previously, disposable are the cheapest but are less accurate. Single stage regulators display more control of flow and they make use of the refillable cylinder.
In addition, the Smith Little Torch can be bought in a variety of different types of kits varying from just the torch itself to complete portable kits. Amongst the most popular kits are the 23-1001D, 23-1010P, 23-1014, 23-1015, 23-1014 and 23-1004A. Each kit contains the Smith Little Torch with differing accessories designed for a specific purpose.
If a broader more dispersed flame is required for brazing, soldering or heating, the Rosebud (multi-flame) tips are perfect. With multi-flame heating tips that have the ability to cast up to 3 ounces of gold or silver, they can also be used for enameling and plastic polishing.
IF you are looking for the perfect organizer solution, the 14014 magnetic torch stand & tip organizer is a practical addition for your Smith Little Torch machine breakdown report letter kit. The solid metal stand contains numbered holes drilled for #2 through #7 tips that make storage and removal as simple as a twist of the wrist.
When customized angles and distances from the handle come into play, the flexible tip extension # 2327-3SP is ideal. With a total length extension of 3 in. it lends itself to increased control and flexibility.
To insure that you product is free from defects in material and workmanship, the Smith Little Torch has a one year manufacturer’s warranty from the time of sale.