Bathroom Safety Products

Bathroom is probably one of the most overlooked parts of the house if we’re going to talk about safety and hazards. For sure, it might appear harmless for most people especially if it’s ergonomically designed to suit our needs. However, research has consistently shown health hazards hidden within this structure and which highly deserve our full attention. In fact, studies have found out that in U.S. alone, an average of 640 people are estimated to get non-fatal to fatal bathroom-related injuries on a daily basis. And if you think this figure doesn’t encompass people of all ages, you might be missing some important health information because in reality, both children and the elderly are high-risk to get this injury. So how are we going to prevent this accident from taking place?
This is when the need for bathroom safety products, and bathroom safety equipment comes into the picture. From shower chairs to grab bars, these essential safety items can help anyone beat the three major hazards of bathroom use, namely wet floor, heat and hard surfaces.
Bathroom Safety Products: What are these?
Bathroom safety products are among the most important items that anyone can find within different health care settings ranging from senior homes and clinics to major city hospitals. Incidents of falls are ubiquitous especially in places where safety equipments both beside the bed and within the bathroom are not available. For this reason, prompt installment of bathroom safety products, and bathroom safety equipment has long been considered as a wise move among hospital authorities. Thanks to these products, life-saving equipments are now within reach of people who need them the most. There are different categories of bathroom safety products and here’s a rundown of some of the most indispensable items you can add either in a hospital or in your own home:
Bath Chairs and Shower Benches
Senior patients, people with disabilities, amputees and those who just came home after an operation will all benefit from bath chairs and shower benches. Providing both comfort and safety, these items are especially made for people who can’t stand for a shower or are too weak to submerge themselves in a bath tub. Bath chairs come in different shapes, colors and sizes ranging from Lumex round bath stool which has a durable and rust-resistant aluminium frame to Lumex Bariatric bath seat intended for people with up to 600 lbs. of weight. Lumex bath seats are available either with or without a back rest but all have a seat height adjustable in 1″, lifetime limited warranty, tool-free assembly and designed to meet the requirements of HCPCS code: E0245.
Grab Bars and Safety Rails
Balance is usually an issue among elderly and people who are currently taking medications but with the proper installment of grab bars and safety rails, the anxiety related to bathroom hazards can be safely put at bay. For example, you can choose to install Lumex Tub-Guard or Heavy-Duty safety rails in your bath tub (except for fiber glass tubs) if you want an easier and safer entry/exit to your bath tub. Lumex grab bars with sizes ranging from 12″ to 32″ care also available to prevent patients from slipping. And with its durable chrome plated steel and 250 lbs. maximum capacity, these grab bars can easily blend in with any bathroom decor.
Bathroom commodes or simply commodes are basically movable toilets which don’t utilize running water. A commode has wheels which can be locked to ensure safety of its user and a small container underneath which will be cleaned right after using the commode. This is an alternative for people or patients whose mobility are affected by a disease and so have difficulty going to the bathroom. By using commodes, people with special conditions can now perform activities at the bedside which they formerly do using a traditional bathroom. Modern bedside commodes come with different features including adjustable arm rest that provides both comfort and ease during a lateral transfer.
Raised Toilet initial product baseline Seats
Especially made for people with the inability to get up from the toilet bowl due to some mobility issues or back injuries, raised toilet bowls provide both comfort and maximum safety for its users. It is usually installed either as bubble-type raised toilet seat or raised toilet seat with adjustable knot, which is not intended for permanent installation as this type needs adjustments or re-tightening once per week.
Transfer Bench
If you have difficulty stepping over your bath tub, then a transfer bench might be the perfect product for you. Its special features include cushioned seat, water-tight backrest, durable and rust-resistant aluminum frame and adjustable seat height.
Bathroom Safety Products: manufacturing system Why you need these?
Bathroom safety products might just be another addition to your budget but if we’re going to stick to what recent studies have shown, buying these products could be a life-saving choice for you. As a matter of fact, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that an estimated 234, 000 people in the U.S. ages 15 years and older were treated for bathroom-related injuries in the year 2008 alone. This figure translates into a staggering 640 people per day and it can even be more if we’re going to collect the statistics recorded from all over the globe.
How can we prevent this? Do we have the choice to become more proactive in facing this issue? Well, the good news is YES, we have a great chance to prevent these small but serious accidents from happening. According to Judy Stevens, lead author of the research study and an epidemiological expert in adult falls, these bathroom-related injuries could have been prevented had those hospitals and nursing homes installed bathroom safety products such as grab bars both inside and outside the bath tubs.
The same study has revealed that falls and slips comprise almost 80% of bathroom-related injuries while the rest were said to be from minor cuts and bruises (more common among young children). Bathrooms can be a significant health hazard especially for older adults whose sense of balance and control are significantly affected by both medications and the ever-existing wear and tear phenomenon. Everybody is not safe from accidents nowadays so for better chances of survival, bathroom safety products should now be considered as indispensable tools for every health care institutions and homes alike.