Contaminants Can Steal Your Machinery’s Efficiency

Contaminants can steal productivity from your machine’s hydraulic system without you knowing it. Even a skilled operator might not notice a drop in responsiveness until the system has lost 15-20% of its power. This translates into five working days with only the performance of four. Imagine the loss in an industry such as mining.

Contaminants – anything foreign in your system like particles, water and air – can drain the life out of hydraulic components operation of milling machine long before breakdown occurs. They accelerate wear while resulting in reduced efficiency and performance in various ways:

Abrasion: Abrasive products scrape metal from hydraulic components. This multiplies, travelling to other parts of the system to do more damage.

Fatigue: repeated high-pressures stress loads cause metal to chip or break and enter the system.

Silting: Very fine particles multiply as they build up on metal surfaces and clog fluid flow. The result is jamming or sticking between sliding valve components.

During Operation: On the work site, contaminants can find their way into the system and on of the most common place is at the rod wiper seal. Although, the main function of the rod wiper is to keep the rod and cylinder clean and free from foreign matter, it can’t totally prevent possible abrasive effects which may result if contaminates were to reach the sealing and rod bearing elements.

During service: Anytime the system is open for service, whether to change types of excavator attachments filters or make repairs, contaminants can enter the hydraulic system.

Simple maintenance procedures on your industrial equipment can prevent contamination and with proper control, some hydraulic system components can last up to ten times longer. Your equipment’s hydraulic system is routinely coated with abrasive materials and pounded by tremendous impact loads. This is especially true with construction equipment such as case tractor, brush cutter or bobcats or which are more inclined to receive important impacts or damages and require a constant service over the years. With repeated use and wear, contaminants have the opportunity to enter the system. Fix leaks and replace worn seals immediately, and control operating temperature by keeping the system full and maintaining the oil cooler and relief valves.

Keeping your industrial equipment or machinery working at the lowest operating cost is one the top concerns for any professionals in the industry. Preventing contamination of your equipment can significantly contribute to a better and longer performance of your equipment and hence increase your return on investment.