Cheapest Electricity and Gas

Cheapest Electricity and Gas

When you look for the cheapest electricity and gas quote possible and you decide to switch energy supplier as you find out that there is a cheaper provider out there is no need to worry about any interruption to your supply. Everybody gets their gas and electricity from the National Grid no matter who the bill provider is. All that will happen is that your bill supplier will change so that you will end up getting cheaper rates. Your new supplier will also contact your existing supplier to arrange the transfer of your supply. The only two changes that there will be are a different company that bill you and less money being charged to you!

Below is some information with regards to Dual Fuel. It is something to consider as it can normally mean the cheapest electricity and gas for you.

What is Dual Fuel? It is where you receive both gas and electricity from one energy supplier It can work out the cheapest option but just to make sure its worth it to take out an energy price comparison. Many energy suppliers offer large discounts for dual fuel customers.

How to find the cheapest dual fuel supplier? If you enter your postcode and details of your current gas and electricity supplier you can do a search by price

How often should I use the Dual Fuel Price Comparison? The prices can change from time to time and it could also be the case that a new supplier enters the market with a better tariff. It is recommended that you visit an energy comparison website at least every six months to find out what the current deals are.

Is it easy to transfer Duel Fuel suppliers.

An independent survey carried out by MORI of domestic customers who change supplier every week said that 90% of these people found it easy.

An accredited comparison site allows you to:

A� Compare all Dual Fuel suppliers

A� Compare by price

A� You can also be assured that it is 100% impartial advice.