Failure or Success – Let Your Mind Decide With the Help of Positive Affirmations!

Failure or Success – Let Your Mind Decide With the Help of Positive Affirmations!

The choice between failure or success lies in you. Or rather, in your mind. Most people think that they are simply slaves to the fates of this world, that they do not have a say in what they ultimately turn out as. Do they become successful or do they fail?

1. Recognize the problem in the old way of thinking.There is a common belief that we already have our destinies planned out for us, and there’s little much we can do about it. If you think that way, then the tendency is for the mind to lose hope and lose the motivation to strive hard. After all, why would you bother to work hard if fate has already decided your future for you anyway?

2. Revamp your state of here’s a welcome new concept: your mind has the power to decide whether you fail or succeed. And since you can have control over your mind, this means you can choose an outcome for your life. It’s all a matter of belief.

In a nutshell, failure and success are simply products of your mind. Your mind has the power to propel you to success if only it finds enough fuel to keep you going. And it also has the tendency to slack off and lead the way towards failure if it gets the wrong directions.

And this fuel, the directions – they all come from you. So the question is, what kind of fuel are you feeding your mind with? Is it positive fuel or negative fuel? If you’re running on negative fuel, no matter how hard you work, you are on your way towards failure. And the more you fail, the more the brain will expect to fail. And the more failure to expect, the more failure will certainly come.

But what if you are running on positive fuel? It will give you everything you need to reach success. This includes motivation, encouragement, willpower, and so on. And this positive fuel that you need is just the right state of mind, the right mental programming.

3. Fill up with positive fuel. So how can you fill your tank with positive fuel and go down the straight road towards success? Positive affirmations, positive thoughts and statements that you fill up your mind with, are exactly the type of fuel you need. These positive statements, once embedded into the mind, turn into actual belief systems. And when your mind starts believing in positive things, it already does what it can to generate these beliefs into reality.

The equation is simple: positive statements bring positive results, while negative statements bring negative results. So the decision as to whether you fail or succeed lies in your mind, and with positive affirmations, you can control your mind. This means, you don’t have to live out a life that has already been predetermined for you. Failure or success – you are free to choose.