Gas Prices Are Marching Higher and Higher, But Why?

Gas Prices Are Marching Higher and Higher, But Why?

I realize that many Americans are feeling the pinch from this recession/depression, but have you noticed the slow and steady prices of gas recently?

Depending on your part of the country, $3+ a gallon gas is already here and some experts are predicting $4 a gallon gas to hit states hard in the very near future. How is average Americans going to be able to handle this new tax on them? Just think, if the Cap & Tax bill passes congress, we will be paying Europe type gas rates of $8 per gallon. I digress, that is for another article.

Most Americans mainly feel the pain at the pump when they go fill their gas guzzlers, but that is only the start of the financial pain we all feel when prices go into orbit like they did in 2008. Fuel costs always filter down to the public like Airline tickets, bags on flights, heat & cool your home, food that is delivered by truck, and the list goes goes on and on. This potential rise in gas prices comes at a time when most people are stretched very thin across the board.

Many of the salaries for people who are lucky enough to have a job are falling and some bills are finding a permanent home in the “pay later pile”. This added expense surely is not welcome in most households especially with bankruptcies up almost 20% from March 2009. If that big increase was not awful enough, the BK filing was up a breathtaking 35% from Feb. 2010 file.

I am so glad our congressional leaders think the economy is doing better?

In the past when gas prices start to rise in this country it is because of normal supply and demand needs of the country. These factors use to set the price for American drivers and was directly correlated to prices at the pump until now. Actual supply and demand for gasoline or oil will have little in anything to do with the actual cost of fuel. The new term for this form of price fixing is “gougeconomy” and you can read about it here. One smart way to hide from the gas price raping is work from home.