Gel Fuel Fireplace – Basic Facts You Must Know

Gel Fuel Fireplace – Basic Facts You Must Know

Gel fuel fireplaces are excellent and amazing additions to any type of residential homes. On top of that, they are also cost-effective and efficient without giving the homeowners a headache from the price and installation process.

The basic chemical of this product is isopropyl alcohol which is mixed with organic thickener and sea salt in order to enhance the brilliance of the light and the creation of crackling sound similar to that of burning wood. The color of the flame varies depending on the basic chemical of the product.

However, you need to understand that it is not designed to become a primary heat source. One can of the fuel will only give about 3,000 BTUs, very far from the 30,000 BTUs produced from a gas or wood. In fact, the maximum heat it can produce is not sufficient to boil water, much more cook food. It is only designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home interior. You can use it in lieu of household candles to give a more romantic appeal to the environment.

There are various advantages in using this new innovation compared to the wood burning type. It offers flexibility and portability in design because it can be placed anywhere in the house due to the fact that it does not need any vent. Furthermore, it does not emit harmful fumes or smoke when burning. It also does not leave any residue or soot after burning. It is completely odorless and smokeless. As such, it is friendly to the environment.

In addition, you can always place inserts even on the non-operational fireplace; it doesn’t matter. It offers a wide array of designs and styles. There is an option of wall mounted type and outdoor type. To make the air sweet-smelling, you can add incense to the burning fuel and savor the fragrance it produces.