How Make Your Engine a Clean, Green, Efficient Machine

How Make Your Engine a Clean, Green, Efficient Machine

I am not an auto mechanic. Nor do I want to be one or have to visit one. I am the average Jane who owns a vehicle, drives it 20,000 miles a year, and hasn’t got a clue what I am looking at when I raise the hood. My vehicle happens to be paid for and I really don’t want a car payment again, or any large maintenance bills. I now have over 50,000 miles on my vehicle, the warranty has run out, and my goal is to make this vehicle last as long as possible.

I have been seeking a way to keep my engine running in tip top condition and get more miles per gallon. One article I read suggested a hydrogen fuel kit. All you need to do is add a water tank, run a wire from the battery into the water tank and then pipe a hose into the engine. Too much modification for me. I relate this option to be like having a stomach bypass surgery to loose weight rather than adjusting what I eat. I’m definitely looking for a less invasive solution.

Now I’m hooked on the idea of adjusting what my vehicle eats. Adding a dose of a fuel additive to my unleaded or diesel gas can provide various safety and financial benefits. Apparently your vehicles intake valves, fuel pump, fuel injectors and fuel lines can get coated with gum, varnish, lacquer and carbon coke over time from normal use. A fuel additive has a detergent that works to keep these engine parts clean and lubricated. The increased cleanliness and lubrication reduces friction and wear, enhancing combustion for a more complete burn. A more complete burn equals more miles per gallon and fewer emissions. We’ve all heard the latest hype on increasing metabolism to burn more calories from the food we eat. Well the fuel additive is how you can increase your vehicles metabolism.

My next question is which fuel additive would be safe to use, improve my miles per gallon rating, and improve the environment. Let’s face it no one wants to take something to increase their metabolism that’s going to give them the shakes, put them at risk for heart attack, or have them running for the toilet. I recommend choosing a fuel additive that has these 3 main requirements to protect you and your vehicle.

1.It is a Patented product

2.It is an EPA approved product

3.It is a Proven product

I am definitely in favor of the simple preventative maintenance plan going back to the old saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A fuel additive can pay for itself with a 2%-3% miles per gallon increase and many boast the possibility of 5%-20% savings. There are all in one products available that work on gas and diesel as well an any type of engine(boats, RV’s, buses, generators, cars, trucks, etc.). Keep yourself smiling and in the drivers seat with your clean, green, efficient machine.